Keratoconus & Scleral Lenses in Greater Houston

Achieve Comfortable, Clear Vision​​​​​​​

If you're dealing with a vision condition like keratoconus, you know how challenging it can be to find comfortable, effective solutions for achieving clear sight.
This is where scleral lenses can help.

Dr. Pillai proudly specializes in specialty contact lenses to help you find the clearest, most comfortable vision possible. He is a Fellow of the Scleral Lens Society, an accreditation awarded by a non-profit organization dedicated to scleral lens education.

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Custom Lens Options

We use innovative technology to diagnose and design custom lens options for keratoconus and other corneal conditions. Our technology includes the pentacam tomographer that maps the eye's front surface and the cornea's back surface, where keratoconus first starts affecting the eye.

What Is Keratoconus?

Keratoconus is a common eye condition that occurs when the cornea starts to thin over time, causing it to bulge forward into a cone-like shape.

This issue can affect your eye comfort, make it difficult to wear traditional contact lenses, and reduce your vision quality. Scleral lenses can help address this issue and get you back to enjoying your sight and eye comfort.

How Scleral Lenses Help

Scleral lenses are an innovative solution for a range of vision conditions, including keratoconus. These contact lenses are designed to vault over the cornea and rest on the sclera (whites of your eyes), creating a tear-filled space between the lens and the cornea.

This helps to improve vision quality by providing a smooth optical surface that compensates for any irregularities in the cornea. But keratoconus isn't the only issue it can help address:

Dry Eye Disease

Scleral lenses can be an effective solution for patients with dry eye disease, as they provide continuous hydration and lubrication to the eyes.

The tear-filled space between the lens and the cornea acts as a reservoir, holding moisture against the eye's surface to prevent dryness.

Post-Surgery Complications

After undergoing certain types of eye surgeries, such as corneal transplant surgery or LASIK, some patients may experience complications such as irregular astigmatism or distorted vision.

In these cases, scleral lenses can be used to correct your vision while reducing discomfort.

Other Types of Corneal Dystrophies

In addition to keratoconus, other corneal dystrophies can affect vision quality and comfort.

For example, Fuchs' endothelial dystrophy is a condition that causes the inner layer of cells in the cornea to deteriorate over time. This can lead to blurred vision and discomfort.

Discover the Difference Scleral Lenses Can Make

If you're interested in exploring the world of scleral lenses and seeing how they can help you, book an appointment with us at Evolutionary Eye Care today.

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